Gonzales, TX

The city of Gonzales, TX received a substantial donation to help fund a new library.  A prominent Gonzales family provided the funding to create the Mary Elizabeth Tinsley Texas History Room which now houses the second largest collection of Texas history books in the state.  TLR designed a graphic logo that was embroidered into the cloth seating and laser etched into the wood shelving end panels.  Design materials created by TLR also helped obtain over $70,000 in grant money that paid for the main library seating, reading tables and chairs, computer center, children’s library, teen library and circulation desk. 


Even with over $170,000 in grants and donations, the library needed funding for new book shelving.  TLR was replacing some shelving in a private school that was too tall for elementary students.  TLR arranged to have this wood and metal shelving donated to the library and dis-assembled, transported and re-assembled the shelving to fit perfectly into the Gonzales Library.  With the value of the donated shelving, and through the persistent efforts of an active library board, over $250,000 was raised to fund the Robert Lee Brothers, Jr. Memorial Library.