Houston, TX

The Kayem Library at the Kinkaid Middle School was originally built in 1992. Trinity created a new modern furnishings design that included new colorful teen-oriented carpeting, new collaborative centers, new casual hang-out areas and enough tables and chairs to handle two classrooms of 20 students each.  The existing shelving was reduced in quantity and re-configured to allow 4X more space for student activities while reducing the book collection size by 30%.

The school decided that they wanted a dramatic opening of the new library.  On the last day of the first semester and only days before Christmas, the library closed. As the last students left the building, Trinity began dis-assembling all of the shelving and removing all of the books and furniture from the library.  Three days later, the library was empty and new carpeting was installed. Two days before Christmas, Trinity re-entered the building and re-installed the wood shelving and books.  The day after Christmas, all new furniture began arriving. The new library was completed five days later and was unveiled to the student body on the first day of the new semester, the day after New Year’s Day.  The Kinkaid Middle School students received a totally new library over their Christmas break. Not only was the new library more functional and more colorful, Teacher usage went up significantly and the library soon replaced the student center as the most popular hang-out on campus.