St. Francis Episcopal

Houston, TX


Rockport Fulton High School Library

Rockport, TX

Kayem Library, Kinkaid Middle School

Houston, TX

The Kayem Library at the Kinkaid Middle School was originally built in 1992. Much of the original Buckstaff Company furnishings, especially the wood shelving, was still in great condition even after 25 years. The problem was, the library’s needs had changed tremendously it needed to be upgraded while protecting as much of the original investment as possible.


Trinity created a new modern furnishings design that included new colorful teen-oriented carpeting, new collaborative centers, new casual hang-out areas, and enough tables and chairs to handle two classrooms of 20 students each.  Plus, the existing shelving was reduced dramatically in quantity and re-configured to allow 4X more space for student activities while reducing the book collection size by 30%.

Westbury Christian Academy

Houston, TX

Robert Lee Brothers, Jr. Memorial Library

Gonzales, TX

The city of Gonzales, TX received a substantial donation to help fund a new library.  Although the donation allowed the library to purchase and convert an existing building into a new library, the library was challenged with raising the necessary funds for shelving and furniture.  TLR provided the comprehensive interior design plan including the interior colors, flooring, fabrics and finishes.  TLR also provided the design materials needed to apply for grants and additional donations to pay for new furnishings..


Hondo Public Library

Hondo, TX

The city of Hondo spent almost 20 years working on a new library for their community.  Trinity coordinated with a library consultant, architect, city manager and library director to help create a master plan that included a new library building with a large children’s library, teen room, computer center and adult reading room.  In addition, the new library included a History reading room, community center with meeting space for over 100 people and a commercial kitchen.


TLR helped the library director raise over $175,000 to fund most of the furnishings needed in the new library and community center..  


Eagle Pass Public Library

Eagle Pass, TX

The Eagle Pass Public Library was built in 1911 as a Spanish-style Presidio.  For a time, it was the main post office before becoming the city library.  Although beautiful and historic, the 11,000 sf building was not a practical library building.  The stairs to the second floor were too steep and not OSHA compliant.  There were no elevators and the rest rooms were located on the second floor.  The only useable floor in the entire building was the main floor which was used primarily as a book depository and a small computer center.  With less than 3500 sf of useable space, the library was totally inadequate for a city with a patron base of almost 50,000.


Abilene Christian University

Abilene, TX

Abilene Christian University is a religious based institution of higher education that specializes in training students to be great communicators.  In 2006, the library began a transformation from a book depository and reading center to a social center/activities center/learning center.

Abilene Christian University Library Pho